NHN Studio 629 has created a promotional video for the upcoming Angry Birds Island. The game utilizes the IP resources of Rovio's iconic character, Angry Birds, and expands on the world of the original to create a mobile adventure SNG (Social Network Game) about Piggie and Bird's survival on an uncharted island through cooperation rather than conflict. The game is launching simultaneously in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia, and Delphic has created a total of five languages for each launch country. In order to appeal to not only existing Angry Birds fans but also users who love SNG games, we tried to show the features of the game through animation to express the expressions and behaviors of the Angry Birds characters, and to maintain the casualness of Angry Birds, we focused on creating a 3D toonlander style to keep the feel of the animation.

Title : Angrybirds Islands Game Trailer Animation

Date : 31 Mar. 2017
Client : NHN 629
Agency : delpic
Running time : 00:01:22

Creative Director : Kim Kitae
Scene Design : Yu Hyeji, Hong Jeongwon, Lee Dahye
Map Design : Yu Hyeji, Kim Kitae, Lee Dahye
2D Animation : Kim Kitae, Hong Jeongwon, Um Taegong, Jo hyunkyu
3D Modeling : Um Taegong, Kim Kitae, Jo hyunkyu
3D Animation : Kim Kitae, Um Taegong, Jo hyunkyu
Sound : Crave sound

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