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Title : Rose motel - So long M/V
Date : July 23 2013
Client : roxtamuzik
Agency : delpic
Running time : 00:04:30
Music Video of “So Long” of the first album of Rose Motel, produced by Delpic Design Studio.
It is not just a relationship between a client and a worker but collaboration work that maximizes each other’s strengths. It tells an everyday life story about joys and sorrows of a man who is living alone without having a relationship for a long time. Overall, the music video was directed to express placidness and gloominess that fit acoustic song and lonely lyrics.
Creative Director : Kim Kitae
Character Design : Lee Dahye, Chae Sangook
3D modeling :  Chae Sangook, Kim Kitae, Shin Heesik, Jo hyunkyu, Hong Jeongwon, Lee Dahye
3D Mapping Design : Kwon Ohwan, Lee Dahye
3D Animation : Kim Kitae, Shin Heesik, Chae sangook, Jin Junggon, Jo hyunkyu, Hong Jeongwon, Lee Dahye
Supervisor : Byun Youngshik
Music : Rose Motel
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