The biggest experiential value this product offers is “catch the moment”. It ensures that the user doesn’t miss any important calls or alerts, and allows the user to take simple notes using a camera or by voice on important moments that should be remembered. Extreme simplicity was adopted for the overall UI and interaction to deliver this user experience. A simple tap and swipe gesture using a finger enables use of all functions: The user can look for applications, execute applications, execute using motions, and check content. This UX design allows immediate execution of simple functions in the easiest way possible.
Title : Samsung Galaxy gear iF 2014
Date : 4 February 2014
Client : SAMSUNG
Agency : delpic
Running time : 00:02:00
Sound : crave sound
Creative Director : Jin Junggon
Project Manager : Jin Junggon
Design : Jin Junggon, Hong Jeongwon
Character Design : Hong Jeongwon
2D & 3D Animation : Jin Junggon, Hong Jeongwon, Chae Sangook, Jo hyunkyu
Supervisor : Byun Youngshik
Sound : Crave sound
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